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Welcome to the Australian Kinesiology Association

The AKA supports the national advancement of kinesiology professionals as valued and respected health care service providers within the allied health industry. 

The AKA aims to increase public awareness of how kinesiology can assist people to lead healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives while ensuring that best practice principles are maintained.

AKA members adhere to standards according to a strict code of ethics. The AKA website includes a directory of kinesiologists so that you may check whether a practitioner is registered.

We are a non-profit organisation that provides information about the profession to our members, the public, the government and other stakeholders.

Kinesiology is a complementary therapy that encompasses holistic health disciplines. Through the art of gentle muscle monitoring, Kinesiologists  communicate with the body’s innate intelligence to identify and clear underlying stresses to facilitate and promote health and wellbeing... Read more

National Kinesiology Week 2022

National Kinesiology Week is an AKA initiative.  It is a national campaign aimed at raising public awareness about kinesiology comprising informative public events across Australia... Read more

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